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Great news Topspotters! We're constantly selecting new videos to feature on our website and Instagram page. Here are some hints on how you can be randomly chosen for a feature:
1. Post into as many featured contests on the app as possible. You can find the featured comps on the Topspot comps tab.  The more current and past entries you have the better!
2. Invite as many of your friends onto the app to vote for you as possible and post  your Topspot profile on your Instagram bio, feed or story. Topspot is way more fun with friends!
3. Include a profile photo and your Instagram username on your Topspot profile so that you're easy to find and feature!
4. Avoid the black screen of death! It's a fact that entries with a black screen as the main image get significantly less votes and are less likely to be noticed. Choose an eye-catching image for the frame of your video to combat this.
5. Post a video that's so indisputably epic that we just can't resist featuring it!

Give Topspot a 5-star review and leave a positive comment in the App Store or Google Play Store ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
DM us a screenshot on the @topspot_Instagram page.


Watch our Instagram stories! This is where you'll find the latest comp information and secret comp announcements.
Post early!  Always post your entries into a comp as soon as you see it open.  This will increase your chances of winning.  
Share to get votes!  Use the share function in the top right-hand corner of your entry to post to your other social media pages and encourage your friends to vote for you.  Topspot is always more fun when you have friends to support and compete with!
Show some love!  Support your fellow Topspotters.  We all share common goals and want to grow together. Follow, vote, comment (BUT DON'T SPAM), and post into Topspot comps created by fellow Topspotters.  The more you engage in the community, the more you will receive in return.
Be a Talent Spotter! If you nominate friends to join Topspot who then become featured by us, you will be featured as a talent spotter.  Just send us an Instagram DM on @topspot_ with one of their videos for us to check out!
Be a Star Comp Creator! Create a Topspot comp with a ton of entries to get featured as a Star Comp Creator.

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