Welcome to the Topspot FAQs! We hope you find the answers to any questions about the app. If there is anything still unclear, just send us an email on info@topspot.me.
What is a 'comp'?
'Comp' is short for 'competition'. On Topspot, you can create your own contests and have your friends and others post entries into them and vote for their favorites!

How do I create a 'comp'?
You can create your own 'comp' by clicking the red 'New Comp' in the middle of the bottom section of the screen.

How can I enter a comp?
You can add a video entry into a comp simply by clicking the red 'add' button in the middle of the comp screen.
Choose a video from your camera roll or film a video and upload it directly.

Can I enter a comp more than once?
Yes! The first entry you post is completely free, but for $0.99 each, you can post as many extra entries as you like.

How can I win a comp?
If the contest has the red judge icon next to the comp creator's photo, the winner is selected by the comp creator - regardless of the number of votes. If there is no judge icon next to the comp creator's photo, whoever has the most votes in a contest is the winner. In a vote based contest, if there is a tie, whoever entered the contest later wins as they had less time to gain votes.

How can I gain more votes?
The best way to gain more votes is to encourage your friends and family to download the Topspot app and vote for your entry. You can share your entry to your other social media pages using our share function.

Can I share my comp or entry to my other social media pages?
You can share your comp or entry to your other social media platforms and via text by clicking the 'share' button on the right of the comp screen under the description and clicking the 'share' arrow in the top right corner of the entry screen.

Can my friends see the contest link if they have not downloaded the app yet?
Entries comps and individual entries can be viewed on mobile devices and web browsers without the app installed.

Why was my entry removed?
If an entry is posted into a comp that is completely irrelevant, the entry will be removed.


One of the key factors attributing to Topspot's uniqueness is that the platform allows users to create contests of their own and give away prizes.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are offering a prize:
- You are responsible for the delivery of the prize. That includes international shipping costs if a user from a different part of the world wins your comp - so make sure you are willing to factor in the cost of worldwide shipping.
- You are liable to deliver the prize or the cash value amount to the winner.

Easy Prize Ideas
- Instagram shoutouts on your feed or story
- Gift cards
- Cash that can be transferred via PayPal or Venmo
- Online products that can be sent locally or internationally 

Other Prize FAQs:

Why was my comp removed?

In order to keep Topspot's prize system authentic and reliable, all copy-cat or accidental comps intended to be entries will be removed. Also, anything deemed inappropriate that contravenes our Topspot Terms of Service.

How do I contact the winner of my contest?
It's simple! All you have to do is comment on the winning entry with your email and ask the winner to contact you in order to claim the prize..

How do I claim a prize if I'm the winner of a contest?
To claim your prize you can comment on your winning entry tagging the comp creator's username and exchange emails or Instagram details to organize how the prize will be given.