Contest Success Secrets

Who doesn’t love a contest?! It’s the best way to challenge your friends, engage your followers and connect with new people who share your interests. As the leading social media contest app, we wanted to share shed some light on what it takes to create a great competition and inspire others to enter.

Make it Count 
Think of a contest idea that will really resonate. When first creating contests, we have seen the most growth in comp creators who have a great balance of broad and niche contests running regularly. When starting out, the broader the better. Think of a contest that you would want to enter, something that will inspire the community to share a slice of their life and talents. The sign of a truly great contest is one where people are compelled to involve their own network and share it with their friends.

Make it Clear & Eye-Catching 👀
A very simple way to make your contest stand out is with a short, concise title and relevant emojis. It’s always important to have clear instructions in the description on what the contest conditions are, as well as entering prize information in the prize description tab.

Include a Great Prize 💰
Offering an amazing prize that the community is excited about winning is the perfect way to get people psyched about entering your contest and really post their best entries. The prize also doesn’t need to have a high monetary value, it just needs to be something people actually want, such as a social media feature. If the contest has a prize and gains enough entry numbers, it is highly likely to be showcased as in the ‘top comps with prizes’ section of the browse tab on the Topspot app.

Make Entrants Feel Welcome 🎉
Welcome new entrants into your contest by leaving a positive comment unique to their entry. If you really enjoy their content also feel free to follow them and vote for their entries.

Promote, Promote, Promote!  📣
Now you’ve created your amazing new contest, it’s time to give it a real shot and start promoting! A lot of our community members will announce their new contest on their various social media profiles and encourage their friends to enter. If your friends aren’t content creators, encourage them to check out your contest and vote on their favorite entries.

Build Trust, Follow Up with the Winner 🤝
One of the key factors of contest growth is building trust in the community of being someone who delivers the prize in a timely manner. Follow up with the winner of your contest as soon as it closes, or within a maximum of 24 hours. Contest creators can do this through leaving a comment on the winning entry with follow up details with a social media handle to DM or email address to claim the prize.

Bonus tip: Make it regular 
Make Topspot contests a regimented part of your social media integration. Regular contests on the app tend to see tons more growth than one off contests. Daily, weekly and monthly competitions can see rapid entry growth numbers as well as more eyeballs on your other social media profiles.