Content Upgrade Secrets

Small Steps. Huge Content Upgrade!
Here are content upgrade secrets we wanted to share that will make your entries really stand out!  With these simple content upgrades, watch the engagement and votes pour in.

Step 1 - Make it Look Good! 
All too often we see mega talents who haven’t applied any simple visual techniques to give their talent the justice it deserves. This includes:
- Making sure your video is well lit
- Including bright colors. This could mean wearing brightly colored clothes or filming something outdoors with green grass and a blue sky
- Background is key. Make it a tidy spot, or even a white wall can be all you need as a clean background.
- Pick an eye-catching, clickable beginning frame - Avoid the black screen of death! People will skip right over your video, so trim off the starting fade

For the Artists - Perform, Perform, Perform! 🎶
If you’re an artist, make sure we can see your faceLook at the camera, know what you’re singing, feel the lyrics and put emotion into the performance

Step 3 - Make it Actionable 📣
- If people like your video, make it easy for them to find you
- Make your username on the app short and memorable, include handles from your other social media profiles

Step 4 - Be Yourself 😊
Bring your personality and uniqueness into the content. Be playful and have fun with it.Sometimes adding a quirk to your video can generate more attention. This could be a prop or costume. Get creative!

Bonus Tip: Use Your Inspiration 🌟
Look at the best videos out there in your field and look at the aspects that make them so unique and watchable. Bring these findings into your own content and watch your following grow!