Topspot is an exciting new social media platform that uses contests and voting as a unique way for brands, influencers and individuals to connect with their audience.

Brands and individuals can themselves create competitions (comps) and challenges for customers to post videos into and decide the duration. Anything from 10 minutes to 99 days!

The videos are up-voted in real time. You can create open comps for the general public to post entries into or private comps for invited followers to vote on and enter. Topspot has full sharing capabilities in place in order for brands and individuals to promote the contests on their other social media accounts.

The user’s profile page shows how many Topspots they have won as well as how many total votes and top 10 videos they have created. Winners can win prizes in sponsored contests and be featured on the Winners page (Topspot, 2nd & 3rd) followed by all of the other entries.


Follow @Lozzie_Topspot on the Topspot app for up-to-the minute contest information, tips and new feature releases. Keep an eye out for her informative and exclusive posts on the Topspot app and on our Instagram story.


At Topspot, our central mission is to invoke strong feelings of excitement and happiness in people and organizations while connecting them in fun, interesting and engaging ways.

We have two core beliefs:
1. Artists, creatives and talent should have equal access to showcasing and promotional opportunities
2. We should be able to connect with each other in unique and interactive ways

1. Equal access for showcasing and talent
Some of our founders include artists and creatives who have experienced the tough, endless grind of having to promote themselves and stand out of the crowd. They also found it challenging having to constantly find new ways to connect with their fans in unique and engaging ways online.

Topspot was born as a way to let us all express ourselves individually while having a ton fun and making new friends along the way! Our creative community tells us how great it feels to win a comp, and that it is even better when they create a comp of their own that the community wants to be a part of. We all experience a huge rush from providing a thoroughly enjoyable and safe environment in which this can all be achieved :)

2. Connecting in unique and interactive ways
At Topspot, we believe deeply in allowing friends, family and our community to interact in enjoyable ways that are not offered by other social media platforms. Topspot allows us all to participate in contests created by you and anyone else in our community in public and private with the potential to win prizes.
Contests have always been a fundamental form of fun and entertainment and we are so excited to provide a digital platform to enable this form of expression!