Topspot is social media with a competitive edge. We are a contest platform where our community members can enter, vote, judge & create their own contests ranging from highly competitive to downright silly!  It is a place to inspire and be inspired, where talent can shine where they may have never had the chance before.  We build supportive communities and nurture talent, connecting people through the medium of contests.   

No matter what, you’ll gain something from Topspot. Whether it’s the inspiration to try a new skill, the confidence to take your passion to the next level or just making some new like-minded friends.  Once you become a part of the Topspot community, you’re family for life!


We have hundreds of 5 star reviews! To read more check us out on the App Store & Google Play Store.

I seriously am so glad this app exists! Whether or not any fame or winning comes from it I feel that it’s in an extremely positive and safe space for people to show what they love!
- Ashlyn J, Singer

Topspot is definitely like nothing I’ve seen before. It is new, refreshing, fun and definitely entertaining! It’s amazing that this app has brought so much talent together, Not to mention how fun it is to enroll in the various comps!! Highly recommend this app, extremely fun!!
- Marianna, Singer

Topspot is a great app for up-and-coming musicians that is full of very supportive and friendly people. I love the interface, I love the community, I love Topspot! It’s simply the best competition app out there!
- Phredmur, Musician

I’ve never felt comfortable posting singing videos on any other singing apps before. I’ve tried Smule, The Voice and other various singing apps and they never felt right. With Topspot, I’ve posted multiple times because I get voted for and it makes me smile because it raises my confidence so much... It’s empowering.
- Mahoor, Singer

To be honest, this app made me feel like I could finally fully express myself and how artistic I am. 10/10 rating!
- Smith, Singer

If you are into singing, lip-synching, flipping, tumbling and a whole lot of all the stuff you need to check out topspot  now!! It’s got some of the best contest online and some seriously awesome talent. Some of the most talented people I’ve ever seen her using this day in and day out.
- Shorty, Scooter Rider


Our unwavering mission at Topspot is to invoke joy, excitement and a sense of achievement by connecting people and organizations through the medium of contests. We believe in providing our community members with a platform to discover and be discovered in a safe, friendly and collaborative environment.

Equal Access for Showcasing and Talent
Some of our founders include artists and creatives who have experienced the tough, endless grind of having to promote themselves and stand out. They have had to deal with the constant challenge of finding unique and engaging ways to connect with their fans within the constraints of other social media platforms.

Topspot was born as a way to give aspiring talent a platform to be seen, heard and shine. Check out our reviews - our community members passionately express how much the app has transformed their lives and pushed them to have the confidence to do things that they never thought possible. Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing our community members succeed as well as transform themselves and take their skills to the next level.

Connecting in Unique and Interactive Ways
At Topspot, we believe deeply in giving our valued community a unique way to connect and interact in ways that were not previously possible. Topspot allows us all to participate in contests created for everyone, by everyone with the added bonus of the potential to win prizes. It's your own micro-community!